Hi there! I wish all introductions like these were over a pot of tea, but, nonetheless, I am so glad you are here! Welcome to my little corner of the Internet.

My name is Maria. I grew up in a large, loud, Italian family full of personality, love, and food. A few years back, the man of my dreams unexpectedly swept me off my feet. We married, bought a 100 year-old bungalow with a myriad of old house issues, and, a couple years back, decided to grow our family through adoption – a process that is teaching me the art of patience, paperwork, and prayer.

The introvert in me would like to show up at someone else’s potluck and hide my dish in the back, but we are blessed with a big kitchen, adventurous palates, a passion for preparing delicious (mostly healthy) meals, and a community of friends and family to share them with. This blog is where I share some of these recipes. My hope is that you will use them, share them, and, most importantly, bless your people with what you prepare.

I am passionate about food, Jesus, all children deserving families, meaningful conversation, and fostering a community, no matter where you are planted. Small talk is not my strong suit. On occasion, this is the spot where I think, wrestle, and laugh about these and other things that make me tick.


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