Coming soon….

Hi all!  I know it has been a little silent over here for the past couple weeks.  The reason is that a whole new site design is in the works and should be launching SOON.  Very soon.

So, a blog that was originally intended to update friends and family on our adoption process is not exactly in a user friendly format for navigating things like recipes.  And, as you may have noticed, my love of all things food, cooking, baking, and entertaining morphed this little site into something of the food blog variety.  And I am so glad it did!  I love hearing what ya’ll think and some of the creative recipe tweaks you come up with are borderline genius!

So, I want to keep this recipe mojo going, except in a better and easier to navigate format.  Scrolling through pages of recipe posts to find that one you were looking for is not my favorite past time either, and I am betting that ya’ll have better things to do!  Reader experience and navigation is important, so an easily navigable and responsive site is in the works!

Please, bear with me while we are “under construction.”  I am excited to share a new vision for the site when it launches, and – of course – fresh, new recipes!

So, hang tight!  An entirely new  is coming soon!!


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