No Room for the Broken

If you take the time to see it, – amidst that carols, twinkle lights, shopping bags, ornaments, and cheer – there are people hurting.  How easy it is to busy ourselves with parties, cookie exchanges, pageants, concerts, and gingerbread house that we forget to see those around us who aren’t able to participate in the festivities.  Chances are, they weren’t even invited.


If Christ is who this season is about, He certainly wasn’t blind to those in need. So why are we?  I’m not talking about giving $20 to some cause halfway around the world to appease your conscious.  I am talking about really seeing the need and hurt around us.  The kind of seeing that is relational and stops you in your tracks.  The kind that causes interruptions.  Yes, maybe doing so sacrifices the time that you would have spent baking cookies for the neighbors on your middle class block who have plenty of cookies of their own.  We slap “in jesus name” and “community” on everything we do, just so long as it fits within our comfort zone or schedule.  But this isn’t the Christianity Christ modeled.  If I only see my community as those who look like me, dress like me, and have a similar economic situation, then I’m missing the point entirely.


This post by Shannan Martin of should be read by all.  Her words hit me hard today and inspired this post.  Please read what she has to say.

I am guilty – more guilty than many probably – of packing my schedule so full that there isn’t room for much else, especially during the holidays.  So I am challenging myself to slow down, see, and make room.  Please join me.

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