Thankgiving amidst waiting

Life is a never ending period of waiting and preparing for what is to come.  Adoption epitomizes this seemingly endless prepare and wait cycle for adoptive families….  I call our adoption process “The Hurrry Up and Wait Dance.”  Update this, update that, wait for a match, wait for a referral, wait for a court date, wait to travel, wait for visas, wait, wait, wait….  I don’t know how many times I have said, “Surely by next ________ we will have a referral/traveled/our child home/etc.”  And then the following month/holiday season/year/etc. rolls around and we are still waiting.

Over on the Sparrow Fund Blog, Stephanie Smit wrote about her experiences on the topic and learning to trust God’s timing and understand that no part of this process is within your control.


The other side of the adoption waiting game coin are of course the children waiting, praying, hoping for a family of their own.  A quirky family of their own to sit around the table and eat mashed potatoes with.  Please read Mary Lee’s beautiful narrative in the Huffington Post on her journey as a teen from foster care to adoption.  You can find the piece here.


Practicing gratitude and recognizing how incredibly blessed we have been this year – even if things don’t look as we had expected.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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