Whats Cooking

Ok, so baking cakes for my cousin’s wedding has taken over my life.  Bake.  Freeze.  Bake. Freeze.  Repeat infinitely.

Currently, my kitchen looks a little like I am either a cocaine dealer or a baker.  But alas, I can’t claim either professionally.  Nonetheless, flour (not cocaine) is EVERYWHERE.  Multiple batches of cake a day make cleaning just to make another mess, really unappealing.  So I am resolved to the fact that messy it will be.

So, amidst the mess, posting has been pushed to the back seat, but don’t think I haven’t been cooking!  My family still has to eat!

Here are a few of the recipes that we have been loving this summer…..

We have been loving this Thai Larb recipe.  Nicknamed Thai Tacos in our house because the name “larb” didn’t go over well to our American ears.  I have made it with ground pork and beef.  Both are great, and I love experimenting with various veggie mix-ins.  All fast and delish!  We even used kale, instead of lettuce, as the wrapper.

I know I have mentioned these before, but these Zucchini “Meat” Balls are amazing.  These could convert me to vegetarianism.

We have been on a bit of a non-dairy, gluten free, sugar free diet the past couple of weeks and this amazing Chili with black beans (dried not canned), sweet potatoes, and quinoa is the BOMB!  One of my fave chilis ever.  Top it with cilantro and avocado!  Side note: Loving this gal’s whole site!

Favorite at home Pad Thai!  This vegetarian version is kind of amazing.  Little bit of noodles, lotta-bit of veggies;)  And, have you tried a spiralizer for making your veggies look like this yet?!  Its my favorite new kitchen toy!

Grilling and peaches.  Could anything say summer more than these Grilled Pork Chops with Peaches?  I think not.

What have you been eating this summer?!  I have a ton of things on my “must make” list.  Excited to be done with the baking frenzy.  Only nine more days of baking mayhem.  Must press on!

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