The Figgiest Time of Year

Figs. Yuuummmmm!

Mission, black, green, kalamata, turkey, totato, and san piero.  It makes no difference to me.  I love them all.

The subtleness of green figs.  The pungency of mission figs.  Roasted figs. Raw figs. Figs paired with cheese and wine.

In Italy, I eat fichi (fig) gelato like it’s going out of style.  And, I have yet to master the buttery fichi cookies everyone’s Noni and sidewalk bakeries have down to a science.

Ooh, the envy I have for those who can grow my beloved figs in their backyards.  Or rather, can we please become the best of friends?!  (Because the chances of my brown thumb ever bearing me any luck with a fruit tree is not looking promising.)

Since it is almost time for fig season, I figured I better whet your palate.  Here are some of my favorite fool proof, figgy inspirations and others that I am dying to try!

Not only are they delicious, but figs up the presentation ante by 10-fold.  I am a big  fan of instant “wow!”  How gorgeous do these dishes look!?!

Click the images below to find the recipe on their respective owners’ webpage.

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