Things that make me go hmmm….

(Check out the original article on the Huffington Post here.)

Californians, why do you have such a need for linens?

Kentucky, where is your beach that you wear all of this swim-wear to?

As a Washingtonian, Fitness Equipment stores topping the list was news to me.  From where I sit, Coffee shops must be in a different category because from the coffee shop where I am now, I can see three others.  I love you, caffeinated Seattleites.  

Knitting supplies, Alaska?  So thats how you keep warm all winter.  The mystery is solved.

And ya’ll, why do some states seem to have such a problem with car batteries?

But above all the others, the one that baffles me the most: Are there lots of good art galleries in South Dakota?!?  Who knew!

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