A Season for “Yes?”

Typically the narrative goes like this:

I am exhausted.  I am doing too much.  I need to learn how to say ‘no’ to people…

Etcetera, etcetera… This needing to say “no” narrative is typically the broken record in my life.  But right now I find myself if a season of needing to say “yes.”  I am exhausted.  I am over extended. I am  stressed out. But right now, the need to say “yes” is keeping me going.  I absolutely do have too much on my plate, and I, admittedly, am primarily to blame for that…

People say, “Make time for yourself.”  They say, “Everyone needs to find a balance.”  They warn me, “Don’t burn yourself out.” 

But could this just be a season of busyness and intentionality about my “me time” and social events?  I am going to make a theory.  Can’t we learn just as much about ourselves through busyness?  The need to prioritize what we do, who we see, and who makes times for us when we don’t have as much availability has revealed a lot for me.

I know which friends will go the extra mile to make sure we get together.  I see who has sent a text or email to see how things are going and say that they miss getting together…Or alternately, which friends allow me to fall off the radar when I don’t initiate the effort.  That might sound harsh, but when I have more time, I am  often the instigator of walks, coffee dates, lunches, drinks, etc.  Cheesy as it may sound, its helping me learn who my real, true-blue people are.

I learn which activities re-energize me and which exhaust me further.  Maybe its an exercise in efficiently rejuvenating, but whatever this season is, I am learning a lot by saying “yes.”

There is only so much that I can control and manage in a day so I am learning to let go of the little things and accept help when I need it – both of these I normally am horrible at.

So long as it is not a permanent state of being, what is wrong with being busy for a season?  For me I am welcoming being busy right now.  Through this season I am learning a lot about myself and others.  My friendships, relationships, and state of mind are all benefitting from these lessons.  I am loosening my grip on the little things and becoming a fan of my new-found forced intentionality.

Things that make me go hmmm….

(Check out the original article on the Huffington Post here.)

Californians, why do you have such a need for linens?

Kentucky, where is your beach that you wear all of this swim-wear to?

As a Washingtonian, Fitness Equipment stores topping the list was news to me.  From where I sit, Coffee shops must be in a different category because from the coffee shop where I am now, I can see three others.  I love you, caffeinated Seattleites.  

Knitting supplies, Alaska?  So thats how you keep warm all winter.  The mystery is solved.

And ya’ll, why do some states seem to have such a problem with car batteries?

But above all the others, the one that baffles me the most: Are there lots of good art galleries in South Dakota?!?  Who knew!