When things don’t look how you expect…

Lately, there have been lots of big changes in our house. Some of them were good. Some of them were sad. And, some of them were scary.

One change started the chain reaction for all the rest of the factors to change as well. And, like I said, some of that has been a welcome and happy change. Some of it has pushed us past our breaking point.

Through all of it we have leaned on God’s guidance and trusted in his provision under the assumption that His provision would look a certain way. But, God’s provision is a funny thing. I probably don’t need to tell you, but it didn’t look at all like we would have designed it.

Right now, our church is doing a sermon series on the book of Joshua. The other week was on chapter 5. In case you are as rusty as I am on your old testament book and chapter references, this is when the Israelites enter the promised land and realize that although God stopped making manna appear on the ground every morning, quail run through their settlement, and water flow from a rock, He was still providing for them in less obvious ways. God didn’t need to provide these daily food miracles, because He provided them with a fertile new land. Not only that, He scared away the neighboring tribes who may try to compete with them for this land. Provision. You think it will look one way, but sometimes it looks another.

For us, it’s the same song, different verse.

This was our story too. Tim and I thought it would look one way and it looked another. But here is the thing by “looking differently,” I mean that it looks better than we could have ever designed it. All of our worries, all of our fears were quieted. He drew us nearer to him and nearer to one another. He exposed our weaknesses and healed our wounds.

When hard things happened, I started off telling folks that things would work out but that the timing just wasn’t great. Through this experience, I have realized that God’s timing is always perfect. It might not mesh with our human sensibility, but it is perfect. His timeline enabled us to see God work in ways that we otherwise wouldn’t have.

As we come out of this state of awe and wonder at God’s grace, provision, mercy, and love, we will re-open up about our lives and where we are now. For those of you who are in our real, non-internet lives, thank you for the prayers and for being there for us despite our best attempts at brave faces and alternately, for not abandoning us during our meltdowns.

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