Hit Pause on the Busyness

This week was a busy one, and amidst the busyness, I did a lot more working and reading than writing, baking, cleaning my house, or anything else.  And I am glad I did! (Well, maybe I’m regretting the whole not cleaning decision…)  Some of the best things I have read in a long time were published in the past 10 or so days!  Maybe its pondering over what the new year may hold or maybe its something in the January air, but man oh man, these three writing ladies had some good pieces to start the year off!

Our world gets moving so quickly and its important to remember that sometimes God is just asking us to pause. Its easy to do-do-do or go-go-go without stopping to take notice of what He may have for us to see in our world, the blessings in our own life, or not be so critical of ourselves.

This post by Sarah Bessey caused me to pause and wonder at our universe and God.  This article made me wish that I had the tenacity and eagerness of a child again, and then I realized that we are wired – for life – to have that kind of wonder and fascination.

Sarah Hagerty from Every Bitter Thing is Sweet, thank you for reminding me that not every season in our lives is a season of action.  Especially for Christians, we can get so caught up in serving and doing more and more that we wear ourselves out!  There are seasons – sometimes years long – that He forces us into rest.  It is these seemingly unproductive periods of time that may be where he is doing the most productive work on our hearts.   

Karianne from Thistlewood Farms wrote a post that every woman needs to hear from time to time, especially at the beginning of a new year with so many of us making resolutions.  In a world that tells us that we aren’t enough over an over again – smart enough, pretty enough, thin enough, fit enough, healthy enough, pulled-together enough, fashionable enough, etc. – we need to take a step back and remember that we are and always have been.  Seriously, read this short post.

How about them apples to start off your year (and week) on the right foot?  😉

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