On to 2015: Happy New Year

I can’t believe we are a decade and a half into the 2000s!  Doesn’t it feel like Y2K was just a couple of years ago? I refuse to accept that this is the last class of high school freshman who will have been born in the 90s! Now doesn’t that make you feel old?

For Tim and I, 2014 was a big year for us. We went from abstractly talking about starting a family to jumping head first into the adoption process. We still have a ways to go before our little one is home, but we are through the work for our side of the process. Now, its over to you, Uganda.


My genius of a brother not only graduated from college but also started his PhD program. He has always been too smart for his own good, but the fact that I can’t even accurately explain what research he is working on for his doctorate is a humbling experience. He also went on a life changing trip backpacking and rock climbing around South America. When did he get so cool?

A hiking photo from Dom's South American adventure!
A hiking photo from Dom’s South American adventure!

My baby sister started high school! Wasn’t she just learning to read and tie her shoes? Now she is talking about college essays, driver’s ed, and SAT prep. She is so beautiful and grown up now – not to mention smart, kind, creative, and funny!

What a goofball...
What a goofball…

I won’t be making any news years resolutions that we all know I won’t keep beyond January. Especially when 2015 marks a lot of changes and potential changes for our family. I feel blessed to have a supportive husband and family to help us navigate this season of life.

I am excited to see what the year will bring. 2015 here we come! Happy New Year!

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