My Favorite Reads of the Year

2014 was the year where I shifted the bulk of my reading material from print to web. I refuse to give up a physical book for an e-reader. Holding a book and a cup of tea is a magical combination that I refuse to give up. My husband and I are probably the only people in our town who still get a physical newspaper delivered to our home. But we are old school, and an important part of our morning routine is sending the dog outside to fetch the Wall Street Journal. We read the major headlines while enjoying our morning tea. And, we save the Friday and weekend op-ed pieces to read and debate over a long afternoon tea (Holy cow, we drink a ton of tea!).

Aside from those two forms of printed literature, 2014 has marked a significant shift for my reading habits. All of the good writers with poignant and interesting things to say aren’t just published in print anymore. I certainly love my Wall Street Journal in print form and won’t stop visiting local bookshops that sell books the good-old fashioned way, but online publishers, blogs, and websites are full of great reads too! I have started doing a significant amount of reading online. I love that I can gain easy exposure to various viewpoints and see what others are recommending.

So my friends, of all the things I read in 2014, here are some of the standout pieces…

Blog Posts:

“No Apology” – Mehreen Kasana, Publishing Network

Let me make it clear to anyone expecting an apology from me: There is none. I will apologize for ISIS when every single American apologizes for the production of the War on Terror that, like the brilliant Iraqi poet Sinan Antoon says, is the production of more terror and thus, endless war. I will apologize for ISIS when every single white American apologizes for the mass incarceration of black and brown people in the United States…

“In which this is for the ones leaving evangelicalism” – Sarah Bessey,

Why I Love Adoption”    – Jillian Lauren,

I am both an adult adoptee and an adoptive mother to a beautiful firebrand of a 6-year-old boy from Ethiopia. I love adoption. I love the whole messy, rich, textured, complex world it has given me. I do not love it because it is one long Disney happy ending. Rather, I love it for the way its struggles have defined my life and made me strong. I love it for the fascinating, crazy quilt of a family it has stitched together for me.

“How to Adopt a Kid without Signing Papers” – A Pleasant House, Publishing Network


“Democracy Requires a Patriotic Education” – Donald Kagan, The Wall Street Journal

“7 years a Gentile” – Bethany Bassett, A Deeper Story

“Was Iraq worth it? It was for me” – Brian M. Welke, The Wall Street Journal


Aboke Girls: Children Abducted in Northern Uganda by Els De Temmerman

Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness by Susannah Callahan 2015, here we come!  I am excited to see what good reads you will reveal!

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