Detox Green Smoothie Recipes

There is one good thing about making smoothies. Every time someone asks me what I’m making I chuckle inside thinking about the scene from the What happens in Vegas trailer, the scene where the girl (played by Cameron Diaz) tries to annoy her accidental husband into divorcing her. And a blender at 6am will do just the trick as she yells “Smoooooooothies!” to her new hubby.

I am not a juicing or smoothies-two-meals-a-day-everyday kind of girl. That is one intense lifestyle that I will leave to celebrities. For one thing, unless you have found a way to carry a juicer with your everywhere or want to stick the kale juice you pressed that morning in the fridge at work (don’t worry, I don’t think anyone will be stealing it), have you ever bought a hearty juice from a juice bar? If so, then you know what I’m talking about as you walk down the street sipping your $15 carrot apple ginger juice. Way too spendy! And secondly, call me crazy, but I like to eat real food way too much. Luckily, I still love things like quinoa, salads, vegetables, raw nuts, plain yogurt, and fruit. I don’t go too crazy all that often, but a liquid only diet for two meals a day makes me thing of feeding a teething baby or recovering from major surgery. And just an FYI, neither of those labels applies to myself.

But planning an occasional detoxification of my body with smoothies and juice for a small handful of days? I can handle that. In fact, I am excited to kick off the New Year by taking care of my body and feeling great!

My Detox rules:

  • Three meals a day of smoothies and juices made only with organic vegetables, juices (no sugar added), fruits, a handful of raw nuts, and most importantly leafy greens (yes, technically that is a vegetable).
  • Aside from these “meals,” I will only drink water and green tea.
  • Stick with it for 2-3 days

Ok, now to the good stuff! I have given most of these a spin, and have to say that they are pretty tasty. Here are some of the tasty concoctions I will be whipping up for a couple days starting on New Year’s Day.

Detox Smoothie from

Clear Skin Spinach Smoothie from PopSugar Fitness

Detox Green Smoothie from

Green Smoothie that Beats any Cleanse from×400.jpg

Detox Green Apple Smoothie from

Or make your own concoctions by following this simple formula as your guide….

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