Holiday detox, anyone?

Around here the holidays equate to a lot of food. A. Lot. Of. Food. After multiple parties, various requested baked goods (from Tim), tons of leftovers, and the candy in our stockings, we are on sugar and junk overload.

Just to give you an idea…..

Christmas eve dinner we went out for Chinese. My husband picked one of the few places open and made us reservations.   Oh man, this place is classssssy! I’m pretty sure that it doubles as a used car lot during daylight hours. Tim and I went with my brother Dominic and Dominic’s girlfriend. We each decided to pick a dish and share family style. Everyone else laid claim to selecting all of the usual suspects – a chicken dish, a noodle dish, etc… – so when I suggested that I pick our vegetable dish, they all shot daggers out of their eyes in my direction. Whoops. Ok, deep-fried Chinese-esque prawns it is.

On Christmas, our day started off innocently enough.  Tim and I enjoyed a cup of tea at home after exchanging stockings.  Then things got messy. We headed to my parents’ where we ate cinnamon rolls slathered in cream cheese frosting, bacon (I hate bacon, so I didn’t indulge here), and strawberries.  Already full.  Then it was off to Christmas with Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, etc. and more food: Prime rib with all the fixings. Somewhere in the middle of the appetizers (which were amazing by the way!), my stomach was stuffed to the brim. By the time we got to the main course, I took a spoon full of each to taste, but oh my goodness. So. Full. After a plate full of creamy Au Gratin Potatoes, broccoli casserole, green bean casserole, homemade rolls, and salad, I would normally be in food-coma induced heaven. But that day, I was hurting!

Even though I was the person who brought dessert, we left before it was served. Stomach bursting. Waddling to front door.  I didn’t make it out of the door before my cousin asked me if I had tried the cookies she brought and how I “have to try them!” I coerced Tim into splitting one with me. They were good, I won’t lie, but my stomach can only stretch so far.  The whole rest of the night, I felt awful!  I woke up the next morning still feeling awful.  I’m pretty sure that aside from a few bites of spinach salad and a couple of strawberries everything I ate on Christmas was either a bread product, cheese, or drenched in some sort of cream sauce.

Time to detox. Kale, apple, ginger smoothie, anyone?


I did a half day detox cleanse with smoothies full of lots of leafy greens. So I did my first two meals of the day in the form of big smoothies full of fruit and veggie goodness, but cooked a traditional dinner for the hubby’s sake – even though our dinner was fairly healthy (baked salmon with herbed quinoa and roasted brussel sprouts, in case you were curious).

With so many leftovers and junk laying around the house and a few more holiday events left to attend, I am planning a 3 day detox for the tail end of this week – after all of the holiday festivities!

Keep your eyes out tomorrow for the delicious detox smoothie recipes that I will be using to help my body recover. Consider joining in the green smoothie fun for a meal or even a day or two. You will feel soooo much better! Pinky promise.

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