Last Minute Homemade Gift Ideas

I had to run into Costco to grab one measly item and it was a zoo! I stopped on my way home from work and had to trudge across the entire parking lot in my most uncomfortable heels. Because people are crazy this time of year, my resolve for the rest of the holiday season: avoid shopping at allll costs. If that means I am giving homemade gifts to anyone on my list that may have slipped my mind, then so be it! Here are a few super simple last minute HOMEMADE gift ideas from around the web! (Click the link below each photo to access the item’s “How-To.”) Starburst Mirror (Because all items can be found at the Dollar Store!) Lace Doilies Votives (Because doilies aren’t just for grannies) Mini Succulent or Cactus Garden (Because even I can keep succulents alive) Upcycled Gilded Honey Bear Vase (Because recycling is cool and honey bears are cute) Glitter Slime (Because I challenge you to name a kid who doesn’t like slime) Sock Monkey (Because the classics are here to stay) A pretty jar full of memories (Because thoughtful gifts are the best) Glittery Gold Vases (Because glitter makes everything better) And there are always baked treats!  I love receiving tins or a box of cookies or homemade candies  It makes me feel like a professional food sampler, which if it were a real job, would be aaaamazing! After the holiday, I will share some of the handmade gifts that we gave this year. Happy gifting!

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