My thoughts on “Healthy” Candy and a recipe for “Truffles”

Love truffles?  Love super easy to make treats?  I am imagining that there were resounding “yesses” to those questions.  OK, good.  Now where do you stand on alternative sources of sugar in your candy?  For example, what if your truffles’ only source of sweetness was from well blended dates – which is also the only thing holding the truffles into their shape?  Would you still hop aboard the “healthy” truffle wagon? I ran across this recipe for Inner Goddess Chocolate Truffles from Pinch of Yum.  To make a very large understatement: I was skeptical.  I certainly love the idea of cutting down on refined sugar – especially in a season filled with a plethora of delicious sugary treats, but I do not love it when healthy foods masquerade as my favorite treats.  I am always disappointed when I bite into a “healthier” version.  Although I may nod and coffer a forced “yum,” the inner dialogue running through my head goes very differently.  Why yes, I can tell that this pumpkin bread is made with whole wheat flour and only sweetened with apple sauce.  It is bland and dense as a brick. So I will not lie and tell you that these are going to be the most decadent truffles on the planet.  They are made of all raw, whole ingredients and without any added sugar.  They are however the easiest and least messy recipe that resembles a chocolate truffle.  There is no melting or dipping of chocolate.  No ganache centers to temper.  This recipe uses just one machine: a food processor.  Simplicity and I are friends!  Good friends.

Inner Goddess Chocolate Truffles (Photo from

Pop on over to the Pinch of Yum food blog, for the complete recipe.  These are yummy and naturally sweet, even if they aren’t really truffles. Which brings me to my second order of business: “Healthy” Candy…  When did this become a thing? When I make the conscious decision to eat a truffle, piece of candy, toffee, caramel, fudge, or a giant cookie, I am not under the impression that I am making a healthy choice.  I am expecting it to be a yummy, sweet treat that I enjoy in moderation only.  I don’t expect to be able to substitute them for hearty protein, whole grain, or broccoli.  I know that I still need to eat salad, steamed veggies, and quinoa. Since when did we need to transform treats into healthier versions?  They are never as delicious as the originals and usually just as much work.  I refuse to give up on treats full of chocolate, butter, and other delicious ingredients. My advice is to eat your veggies and still enjoy your favorite treats in moderation.

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