Foster Parents…. You rock!

Tim and I had the opportunity to help out with an event hosted by three Seattle area churches this weekend. The event was called “Foster Parents Afternoon Out.” The idea was to give Seattle area foster parents a much-deserved afternoon off. We wanted them to take advantage of some free childcare while knowing their kids were safe and hopefully having fun. It was full of the usual suspects at events like this: crafts, games, chaos, pizza…

Some kids were clearly wise beyond their years, reluctant to participate in any of the festivities. Others were more than eager to join in the festivities. The trauma that most foster children have experienced by being removed from their birth families is unimaginable. But, you guys, you cannot imagine the joy and hugs and kisses and “I love yous” that were exchanged between these foster parents and kids.

The love, care, and invested time that I saw from these parents towards these kids are truly amazing. Let’s all remember that these are children are in their homes for an unknown amount of time. For a few of them, their foster parents may adopt them someday but this not allowable in the majority of situations.

The thought of pouring love into a child and then having to say good-bye makes my momma-bear instincts ache. But then, I think about what an incredible GIFT they are giving these children. I am sure the kids don’t realize it now, but their foster parents are demonstrating that adults can be trustworthy, kind, caring, genuine, and selfless. The sense of stability, structure, and consistency, even if it is fleeting will leave their mark somewhere in the fabric of their memories. These are valuable lessons that will embed somewhere inside their being.

Foster parents, you rock!

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