Dressember Update

Some of my friends have been asking how Dressember is going… Well, take a look.


I could use a lesson or two on how to gracefully walk my dogs in a dress. Those Duggar girls make life in skirts and dresses look a bit easier than I found it to be. I certainly was taking advantage of the exemption for working out. Every time I was grateful to be slipping on my yoga pants or running tights, I thought of the Muslim girls I used to see at the rec-center in college.   Somehow they would manage to wear full-length dresses on the Elliptical machines. I never saw a single one fall or get tangled in the machine! It turns out, my dependence on jeans and durable clothing was a bit stronger than I realized.

Oh, so you noticed that it is indeed past December 9th and were curious what I wore from December 10th onward?

Some variation of this…

 4-up on 12-15-14 at 9.15 AM #6

So I am a Dressember drop-out. A failure. A quitter. A casualty of the dresses…

I have to admit, this experience made me hyper conscious of my wardrobe choices – partially due to my limited dress and skirt options and partially due to the chilly weather. However, it made me incredibly grateful for the freedom that I have to dress as I please without fear. In my life, I wear it all – jeans, skirts, shorts, pants, dresses, t-shirts, sweaters, and tank tops – without concern. My wardrobe choices are my own. They are not dictated by law or by what will ensure my personal safety. Many women in the world can’t say that these things are true for them. Not only is their choice of dress limited but also their identity as women poses a potential threat or restriction. For some their femininity is exploited (i.e. sex trafficking), while others are required to hide their femininity entirely (i.e. burqas).

Dressember seeks to help raise awareness for marginalized and exploited women around the globe. All women should have the right to celebrate and embrace their God given femininity without fear.

Whatever you are wearing today, be grateful for your freedom to dress as you please.

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