Simple, Last-Minute Advent Wreaths

I am always late to put up my Advent wreath.  After Thanksgiving, that first Sunday of Advent always, always sneaks up on me!  So here are some lovely, and SIMPLE last minute Advent wreath solutions!

I love the ones above because with very minimal effort they can transition from a beautiful Thanksgiving centerpiece to a lovely Advent wreath!  Did I mention how much I love easy and multi-use decorations?

If you already have a tree slice or something similar, then you can make the rest with things you already have at home and in your yard!  (If you want a tree slice, Hobby Lobby can hook you up.  And don’t forget to pull up their 40% off coupon on your phone!)

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Glass jars with twine around the top?  So simple!  And an excuse to pick up the pinecones that fell during our big windstorm over the weekend?  Love it!

Since, I don’t have any cork-topped bottles like this laying around, I would need to come up with a different way to attach said pinecones to the top of a mason jar or milk jar.  My plan would be to plop a tea light on top, arrange some greens on the table, and maybe steal some components from the first wreath idea…  And you, my dears, have made yourselves an Advent wreath!

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A more modern take, but along the same lines…

Guess what is under the candles?  Salt!  So easy!

Here are a few others…  And, I bet you already have or can find outside all of the items you would need to create something similar…

Found on:
Found on:
Found on:
Found on:

Are you always on time with your advent wreath?  (Jealous.)  Send me a picture of how your family does Advent!

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